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Dr. Kutas Family Dentistry
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    May. 2012
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    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Responsive Website for all mobile devices, Informational site, Custom Logo
The Challenge

The story was... can you please make it responsive. I said... sure! The first website, was not responsive, or did not fit, all devices. The site had basic info, for services, staff photos, FAQs, and all contact information. They wanted a clean, modern User Interface (UI).

The Solution

The solution started with 'Think-Mobile-First.' How would this site look on a SmartPhone or Tablet. Clickable mock-ups (HTML5 & CSS3) approved. Dr. Kutas and his staff were very pleased. His customers state, I'm glad I can use your site on my phone.

  • Dr. Kutas Family Dentistry
  • Dr. Kutas Family Dentistry

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