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GADOR Mobile App
  • Date:
    Jan. 2015
  • Project:
    GADOR Mobile Application
  • Type:
    Custom Hybrid Mobile App, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, Cordova
  • Design:
    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... can I help create a custom mobile app. And could I provide modular code (HTML5, CSS3), for future versions of the app.

The Solution

This process started with many wireframe sessions on whiteboards. Then I designed more polished wireframes before I designed the prototypes. Finally after team decisions I designed prototypes that helped the team and managers see a real mobile application that had 'DESIGN' thoughts and 'USER-EXPERIENCE' in mind. I designed each section with a prototype and worked closely with .NET and JAVA Developers to include our comprehensive and cohesive designs into development. Each section of the app had the end user in mind. We designed thoroughly and test thoroughly to provide a good user experience. The solution was a professional custom mobile app, to assist GA residents, to know their tax return status. (Result... Happy Customers. Yes.)

  • OmniView Mobile App
  • OmniView Mobile App

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