Website Design Rules:   Website Usability

Website usability is very, very important. People need to be able to use your site with ease. Let's discuss design/layout & content/form.

Successful websites have planning from the beginning. Your company's custom logo, business cards, brochures and website represent you and your company. You must have a professionally built website with design and coding. Find or get your web designer to develop your template, then build the rest of the website's pages from the website template. The layout must be attractive, and the pages must download fast. The content should be written simply, and never complicate your visitors or future customers. In summation the wording on your website should be bold and powerful, not complex and hard to understand. For example, your list of services or what your company is about should be easily read on the homepage.

Successful website design rules:
1) Navigation— easy to use and the same menu throughout the website.
2) Download fast— pages of your site should download w/in 10 seconds.
3) Layout (UI)— attractive layout and no clutter. This is key to provide a good user experience. This involves (UI) user interface development.
4) Color Scheme— limit your site to two (2) colors.
5) Contact—contact link visible and telephone number on the homepage.
6) Social Media—If you are not apart of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, GooglePlus, etc. you will always be behind in your network of people.
7) Google Analytics—Tracking code for every page. Just-Do-It...analyze!

Our mission is to successfully publish websites [with our dedicated web development team], and also publish custom logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, and assist you in graphic and web consulting. We can assist you in web and all multimedia services.



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