Mobile:   Top 5 Reasons to have a Mobile Site

1- 55% of Americans own a SmartPhone.
2- Mobile users expect a simple experience.
3- Mobile website traffic is exploding.
4- Mobile users plan trips, get directions & more.
5- Mobile website— informational or an app.

[51% of website Traffic is from SmartPhones!]

#1 More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone—
It’s hard to believe that the first iPhone was released June of 2007. Since 2007, smartphones have become an ubiquitous fixture in American culture. Since it’s not 2007 anymore, you can no longer ignore the fact more people have smartphones than feature phones (basically any phone that isn’t an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile or Android). And people are using smartphones to browse the internet. (*Note, 51% of website traffic comes from smartphones.) This trend has been predicted for years, but as of November 2015, approximately 68% of Americans now have a smartphone.

The next time you’re waiting somewhere – waiting to get seated at a table for dinner, waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store – take a look around at how many people are passing the time by using their smartphone. People are always on their cellular phone. In summation it's very important for your company to have a mobile website. This increases your companies visibility.

#2 Mobile users expect a simplified (and a quick loading) browsing experience—
While modern smartphones can render full websites, mobile users expect a site that loads quickly, is easily navigated (without pinch-zooming) and contains plenty of functions and sections that are pertinent to mobile users. This is called a responsive website.

#3 Mobile website traffic is exploding—
While mobile visitors accounted for just under 4% of all visits in 2011, during 2012 we’re already up to almost 16%. Recent reports (Nov. 2016), show that mobile devices make up about 51% of all U.S. web traffic. That means that one out of every three visitors to websites in the U.S. are using a mobile device.

#4 Visitors are using mobile devices to plan trips as well as using them at their destination—
This point is directly related to the Tourism industry, but there are still takeaways for other industries. TripAdvisor recently reported that travelers use their mobile devices to plan their trips and while they’re visiting. The online travel planning process, is made easy via your smartphone.

Users are planning their trips using mobile devices and they’re definitely using them more and more. Printed travel publications are still important, but it’s just as important to have a functional mobile website that visitors can use, to plan the extra things they do while on vacation – dining out, shopping, a last minute decision to visit an attraction in your area, etc.

#5 Mobile App or Website—
A great mobile website can eliminate the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms. While the market share of Symbian, RIM, Palm and Microsoft’s OSes have been shrinking over the years, the mobile OS market is still very fragmented. Android and iOS (Apple’s iPhone and iPad OS) own the lion’s share of the market, RIM (Blackerry) is still hanging on in the corporate world and released 'BlackBerry 10' fall (2012). And Microsoft has created a solid OS in Windows Phone 7 (8 came fall 2012). Palm and Symbian are essentially dead as far as market share, but the thought of designing separate mobile applications for the four major OSes (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows) is daunting.

Rather than spending your time or limited budget on even just Android and iOS apps, putting those same resources behind a single mobile website, will be a much better investment. Since Android and iOS apps are built using different programming languages, it’s not as simple as just submitting the same app to both app stores. A mobile website also gives you the flexibility that it will display on ANY mobile device, so if your visitors have Blackberrys or Windows Mobile phones, your website will be just a usable to them as it would be to a visitor using an Android or an iPhone.

The most important thing to do when planning a mobile website is seriously thinking through, how your visitors would use the site and which information is most important to your visitors. Easy navigation/mapping/direction features? Yes. Quick ways to email or call your office? Yes. Develop an easy user experience.



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