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"In order to achieve your goals, you must (daily) apply discipline and consistency."
by Denzel Washington

Web Services —

We provide website solutions. We can create your custom website, or mobile app. We also provide SEO campaigns, Facebook Mobile Ad campaigns, or CMS (content management service). We can also include social media management, with suggestions and tips. We can help you create your HTML Email campaigns. We can guide you in having more success, for your company. We can provide analytics to help you define your campaigns and to more clearly define your goals.

Mobile App Services —

We provide Mobile app design solutions, for your company. The mobile application can be web based or native. This means less code or more code. We can provide a hybrid mobile app. This app solution, will be built or developed for iOS and Android, and Windows (...if you are stuck in a Microsoft cloud, ha.) We will build a custom solution that exceeds your needs. Users will love your new mobile app. The following are our online business solutions, or list of our services.

UX Design (Web Design) Services —

This web design service, helps define the User Experience. It starts with, understanding requirements. Then, there are wireframes and mock-ups. These mock-ups can be very rough, and then refined or polished, for presetation purposes. (*Note, this concerns low and high fidelity mock-ups.) These mock-ups or drafts, help define your company's website or mobile app. Included will be color schemes, font choices, navigation options (IA), and layout options. It is also helpful when these mock-ups, are driven through test stages, for feedback. This feedback from non-programmers such as, a secretary, a QA person, or an Analyst, is for building a satisfied [User Experience].
*The end goal. . . is for a good user experience.

UI Development (Web Development) Services —

This web development service, helps define the User Interface. Development is built with CSS3, HTML5, and various coding languages (.NET, PHP, JAVA, and JQuery). We will also use fast, reliable, modern frameworks (AngularJS, React JS, and Node JS). After, the first revision is complete, testing begins, for feedback, to refine the site or app. Then expected changes are made. This process can be long, depending upon, the website or app size, during development. More testing is performed, before deployment. This is when your website or app is published on the web.
*The end goal. . . is for a good user experience.

SEO Development Services —

Search engine optimization (SEO). We use ethical SEO techniques that boost search results and creates more website traffic. We address (All SEO) subjects i.e. page titles, alt tags, meta tags, internal links, links, and back links. We also evaluate keyword density. (*For every 250 words, you must have 2-3 keywords or keyword phrases.) Developing your website with SEO is one key to it's success. Without applied SEO principles, you reach fewer customers, with less organic search engine results. Feel free to contact us, for SEO Consulting. To increase your website traffic, we use Google KeywordTool, Heat Mapping Tools, SERP (Page Rank Tools and similar tools), multiple website submissions, as well as applied [tried and true SEO studies from SEO experts].
*The end goal. . . is for organic search engine results, for growth and sales.

WordPress CMS Services —

This CMS (Content Management System) solution is with the end user in mind. Even your secretary can update your web pages, on your website. Or we can gladly, manage your website. This content management tool is very reliable, ad stable. Some of the most common CMS tools are WordPress and Drupal.
*The end goal. . . is for an easy manageable site or app.

Google Analytics Services —

You are immediatley thinking how-can I track my mobile website. Understand how mobile traffic impacts your site, and how it drives business to you. YES, you need a responsive website or mobile app. You can create targeted and effective marketing campaigns, that reach your visitors, wherever they are. Google Analysis Tools are extensive and track a variety of stats. Use this tracking data for your website or mobile app. These reports use (Google Analytics) and make it easy to measure and understand engagement, on your website or app.
*The end goal. . . is to provide analytics (information) to boost growth and sales.

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