SEO:   SEO Overview and Methodology

1—Confused? Define a SEO content strategy.
2—Conversion via finding & engaging your target audience that boosts sells.
3—I diagnose, treat and cure all SEO issues.

Seo Overview—
You can trust me to utilize only ethical "white-hat" SEO optimization techniques to boost your website's growth and rise in the search engine rankings and attract more visitors. Organic SEO growth is vital to your business.

Seo Process—
First, I will analyze your website. I will properly perform a ‘Keyword Analysis.’ This is necessary to help your site actually have search engine growth. Their must be a balance of common and uncommon keywords strategically placed on each webpage of your site. I'll also address internal linking. Each page should have 2-3 internal links (for example), and these link names should be the names of the pages.

Seo Code of Ethics—
Application of keywords and keyword phrases is essential. I will not insert, for example 10 keywords on one web page. This kills the keyword density check, and is not helping true SEO growth. The proper keywords need to be included on specific pages and 2-3 is sufficient. *Note, I will address large footers with 10+ keywords that exist at the bottom of your website.

Seo Social Media—
Create Facebook and Twitter accounts and link them together. Link your Facebook posts to Twitter. Thus all your posts via Facebook will flow to Twitter, for your social media connectivity. Be sure to include ‘HASH’ tags. Rule of thumb is to use 1-2 per post. [Example: #OnlineBooks #CreateBooksOnline This month’s special is 20% Off all orders. Visit us at]

Seo Analysis—
Google has a Keyword Tool that’s very helpful and provides global results. This is a great guideline when first establishing which keywords and keyword phrases to use on your website.

Link Building Services—
Article Writing has become necessary to help ranks. This establishes good backlinks. DO NOT, purchase backlinks. You may buy backlinks, but be careful how many you post per week. Google might give black marks or slower SEO growth, because you post 1,000 articles [for example] in 1 week and the other 3 weeks of the month 25 articles. As you may notice it’s out-of-balance. Rule of thumb is slow, continual growth. Remember content is KING. Provide good content worth sharing.

Local Search—
Local search is great for similar companies to provide conversations via social media. These reviews or comments with link(s) back to your site or special promotion web page will help growth. Make sure all local firms know who you are and what your services are, for your business.

Below are SEO techniques that are essential, in your web development.

• Keyword Research
• Title Tag Generation
• Meta Tag Optimization
• Keyword Optimization
• Alt Tag Optimization
• Hyperlink Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Keyword Density Analysis
• Sitemap Generation
• Internal Linking
• W3C Validation
• Link Popularity Analysis
• Link Building
• Competition Analysis
• Anchor Text Analysis
• Content Generation
• Article Writing
• Article/PR Submission
• Directory Submission
• Viral Marketing
• Social Networking
• Brand Awareness



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