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We are known as the creative ones, the designers and developers who design/code your website to make it sing and dance. We are the internet gurus who make it right for you. My specialty is custom web design and app development. Below are links to some of my web, print, and App projects.

Why choose me as your web designer?
1) Relationship. I will establish a business relationship. I will assist in all the stages of website development, from defining creativity to polishing your business website. Communication will be smooth and constant. I will stay-in-touch, and have constant contact. Always feel free to ask questions. I am here to serve you.
2) Reputation. My web development skills are seasoned and established. I have over 20 years in the print and web industry. I also know people in the multimedia industry. I provide honest answers and know you’ll feel comfortable with my negotiations.
3) Ingenuity. Your site will be designed carefully to reflect your brand. It will be distinctive from other sites selling the same or similar products. Strong ROI is a direct reflection from investing in a good web design firm, which makes good business sense.

Website Projects:



Custom Mobile Application (iPhone or Android):

► Mobile Application myGAtax - Mobile Application to check your tax refund status (with office locator, and contact page).

Custom Business Card & Logo Projects:

Custom Brochures, Flyers, and Magazine Ads:

► Custom Print Work -custom Graphic Design [as PDF]

Custom Flash Projects:

► Flash Website -custom built "new" Flash website from ClowardDesign with AS3
► Flash Website -custom built Flash website from ClowardDesign with AS2
► Flash Website -custom built Flash website; experimentation with scroll Menu and AS2
► Flash Scroll Gallery -experimentation with scroll Gallery
► Flash Rotary Gallery -experimentation with rotary Gallery
► Flash Quote Gallery -custom built Flash Quote Gallery
► Flash Custom Calendar -custom built Flash Calendar
► Flash Game -custom built (property Signature Advertising). I helped with XML and graphics.

Custom CSS Website Menus:

► Menu 1 -custom CSS horizontal dropdown Menu with overlay. Yes, it's pure CSS, no javascript.
► Menu 2 -custom CSS horizontal dropdown Menu with transparency.
► Menu 3 -custom CSS horizontal dropdown Menu with columns.

Custom JQuery Quote Rotator:

► Quote Rotator 1 -custom JQuery quote rotator. Maybe used for quotes or testimonials.

Custom (JQuery HTML5 & CSS3) Website Template:

► Template 1 -custom website template with pure CSS menu, accordion affect, cool rollover effects, and JQuery gallery for homepage.

Responsive Website Template:

► Template 1 -Responsive website template. View this on your Desktop/Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone.

JQuery Mobile Website Template:

► Template 1 -JQuery Mobile Website Template. View this on your SmartPhone. (*Note, the "About" link is working.)

Bootstrap Responsive Website Template:

► Template 1 -Bootstrap Responsive Website Template. View this on your SmartPhone, Tablet, or Desktop... or Laptop!






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