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Machine Learning - ML (Cotiviti)
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    Wireframes, custom Prototypes, custom CSS3, HTML5; Angular, Javascript, SQL
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    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and custom Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... can you please make it easy to use. I started this project with collaboration sessions with team managers and taking notes. When absorbing these details it helped build the wanted interface. They wanted a web-based application that was clean, modern and mainly their focus [very user-freindly] User Interface (UI) and for the users to have a good and satisfied user experience.

The Solution

After clear thoughts/studying the wireframes I started designing custom prototypes. (This involved many white board sessions, and questions.) We fine tuned these prototypes multiple times for a better end product. These necessary adjustments helped the end users move through the natural flow of the app. After the prototypes were polished in Adobe XD, I designed the fuctional pages using Bootstrap 4 framework. I adjusted the CSS to match the branding styles. I completed these interface pages and handed them to an Angular Developer. We had many sessions to collaborate and undestand the functionality of each page. This developer was able to use my custom HTML pages and develop this app in Angular. We also used the Font-Awesome LIB for the necessary icons which helps pages load fast and icons adjustments were a breeze to adjust via CSS. The managers and stakeholders are very pleased with the end product.

  • Machine Learning - ML (Cotiviti)
  • Machine Learning - ML (Cotiviti)
  • Machine Learning - ML (Cotiviti)

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