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Big Data (UX & UI Study)
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    Wireframes, custom Prototypes
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    UX Research, custom graphics, XD prototyping
The Challenge

The story was... can you provide a modern / fresh interface. Can it include "Call-to-Action" (C-A-T) thinking or usability study and UX research. Yes. We must think like the user. [*Never-Make-The-User-Think.] These experimental prototypes show [user-friendly] interface. This includes a mixture of custom vector art and some stock art.

The Solution

After clear thoughts/studying the wireframes I started designing custom prototypes. Hello we can't skip the wireframing part. This shows where the components (menu, header text, paragraphs, videos, accordions or collapsible/expandable area, forms, dropdowns, alerts, etc.) are in an organized grid that usually has one, two or three columns. These prototypes portray different background (like or dark) themes, clear CTAs or call to actions that include area for EMAIL & submit button or PLAY button for a video. There are various interfaces or options for layouts for internal pages, case study pages, and project pages. There was also a study of dark grey text that included medium grey and dark grey. In summation collaboration is a must to finalize these interfaces for an end product that can definitely provide a good user experience and satisfied user experience.

  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study
  • Big Data - UX & UI Study

Smartphones, BIG Data & A.I. Working Together

Mobile — Big Data — A.I.

Top-10 Smartphone Uses—

Other popular uses of our smartphones are listening to music, learning something new, reading books, using GPS, talking to distant Friends/Relatives on (Facebook-Skype-Whats), finding a doctor, checking stocks, planning and buying plane tickets for the next vacation, and buying movie tickets.

Yes it seems we are usually holding our smartphones doing something. We do like to "search" but are we learning or helping others or making ourselves better or just wasting time. Let's make good use of our time. We have so much technology at our hands. Yes... the apps on our phone are helpful and provide valuable information. We use these smartphones often in the morning helping us find the nearby coffee shop or find a restaurant for lunch or dinner.


  • Big Data & Smartphones
  • Big Data & Smartphones
  • Big Data & Smartphones

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