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"No idea works unless, you have the courage to do the work."
by Robin Sharma

Search Engine Optimization—

1— Confused? Define a SEO content strategy.
2— Evaluate your target audience that boosts sells.
3— Diagnose, treat and cure all SEO issues.
Search engine optimization (SEO). How do you find true SEO knowledge. It is hard to find (where) it exists. I learned via webinars (Webimax & Wpromote) and hard work. Learn, and keep learning. Test, and keep testing. Continual tweaking and links. Good content.

*Remember, two to three (2-3) keywords or keyword phrases per 250 words, per page. The keyword density must use this range or suggestion, says Google.

SEO Development & Campaigns—

SEO Development on your site or app, that will bring promising search engine growth. These plans and analysis will help you flourish (with more visitors). SEO techniques must be applied to each page or section of your app. If you have questions, about SEO, feel free to call or email us..

SEO Campaigns for your site or app, that will help you have success in more (website-traffic). And, this will help establish more business relationships. These campaigns will outline SEO adjustments and principles. Each page or section must be worked on 2-3 days per week. Then every 2 weeks, page and site submissions to Google and other major search engines, will be submitted. And, this is not all. Finally, yes [ sitemap XML & XSL ] files will be added, to boost growth and help track analytics.

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