SEO:   SEO Development & Backlink Development

1—Confused? Define a SEO content strategy.
2—Conversion via finding & engaging your target audience that boosts sells.
3—I diagnose, treat and cure all SEO issues.

Search engine optimization (SEO). I use ethical techniques that boost results and leave lasting effects. I address subjects i.e. page titles, alt tags, meta tags, links, and back links. Developing your website with SEO is key to it's success. Without it you reach fewer customers. Feel free to contact us for SEO Consulting.

To increase your website traffic, I use Google KeywordTool, SERP (Page Rank Tools and similar tools), multiple website submissions, as well as applied [tried and true SEO studies from SEO experts].

I address common and uncommon keywords for your website. I will code each webpage properly with a unique mix of keyword rich terms that will be a perfect fit for your company, and match our promise to deliver strategic SEO Consulting...that the common 'Joe' can understand. Below is a basic chart of SEO analysis for your next SEO Campaign. SEO Price Campaign Options

• Keyword Research
• Title Tag Generation
• Meta Tag Optimization
• Keyword Optimization
• Alt Tag Optimization
• Hyperlink Optimization
• Content Optimization
• Keyword Density Analysis
• Sitemap Generation
• Internal Linking
• W3C Validation
• Link Popularity Analysis
• Link Building
• Competition Analysis
• Anchor Text Analysis
• Content Generation
• Article Writing
• Article/PR Submission
• Directory Submission
• Viral Marketing
• Social Networking
• Brand Awareness



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