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"I am fascinated with vision, the application and the ability to transform someone or something subtly or completely."
by Julia Roberts

Story #1 —

This first story begins with a quick phone call from a recruiter. Hi, Jade... Would you like to tackle a short Mobile App project, and work with some great people. I replied... yes! I met the people at OmniMetrix.net, and off we started, after a brief interview. After agreements were met, I started designing wireframes and mock-ups, for the appropriate stake holders. We had meetings to understand the requirements, then off to my UX world. (*Note, I worked closely with PHP Developers.) I polished the wireframes, and designed multiple mock-ups, for presentation purposes. After the mock-ups were approved, I provided high-fidelity or clean - crisp - professional layout that was viewable in a browser. After, more meetings to refine the requirements, we dug into our design and development plan, for this mobile app. We used Ionic 3 framework, CSS3, PHP, and Cordova, to develop the app. The end goal . . . for salesmen to provide live (streaming) data, for the user. The PHP Developers, were very helpful, and thorough, in developing this mobile app. I enjoyed collarating with these programmers, and stake holders. The manager collaborated with us, and it was comforting, to have his ideas and support. We succeeded, with a BETA version, for testing.

Story #2 —

The second story, concerns a mobile app, too. While working at GA Department of Revenue, we collaborated on white boards, over tea and coffee. I worked closely with .NET Developers. These guys were awesome. They can code. So, they needed some help with an attractive interface. So, like many teams, this collaboration is with a Web Designer, a seasoned Designer, who knows UX and UI. Cloward knows how to design Interfaces for sites and apps. (Collaboration with designers and developers, is so important.) One reason, is so the team, knows expectations, in the (design, develop, and deployment stages). We discussed multiple times . . . (should we go native or web based). We discussed advantages and disadvantages of both routes. Finally, a decision was made. So, we went the web based route. I provided, multiple mock-ups (low and high fidelity). I shared the usage of icon fonts, why we should use them. These icon load very fast and can be styled with CSS. So editing the icon or changing the icon, would be a breeze. Finally, we helped each other, in the testing stages. We tested this multiple times, with multiple eyes. Then we had our meeting with the important stake holders. The presentation went well, and all managers involved were very pleased. The end goal . . . for GA residents to check their tax refund status.

Web Design and Development—

Design and Development involves UX (Design) and UI (Development). Website usability is very, very important. People need to be able to use your site with ease. Let's discuss the following formula [ Design/ Layout & Content/ Form ]. Again, we want the UX or user experience to be built, with the end user in mind. (Our goal is to think like the user, to have a good user experience.)

We can turn your ideas into successful websites and/or apps. Whether you need an e-commerce website, or simple static website (to display company information online), or an application — our award-winning web development knowledge and experience, will provide you custom solutions that are tailored specifically, to your needs.

Our single focus is to build [SUCCESSFUL] websites and apps, that work hard for your business, and bring a ROI. Your website or app, represents your company. Websites or apps, should bring solid content and form. These are design principles… Keep-it-Simple-Stupid. [K-I-S-S] *Remember the design formula ( Design/ Layout & Content/ Form ). We start with wireframes and mock-ups. Then, we apply color schemes, and standards. Finally, we achieve these principles, through web design (UX Design) and web development (UI Development), that completes your site or app. We use the top web technologies.

Web Development Languages & Tools in our Hat:

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