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  • Date:
    Sept. 2009
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  • Type:
    HTML, CSS, Clean, fresh Website, Easy Navigation, Custom Homepage Gallery
  • Design:
    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... can I make a clean, attractive website and eye catching homepage, and help organize the menu. And, could I design an easy navigation for the customer because this is what they want. And, could this custom template be modular.

The Solution

The solution started with multiple wireframes for a menu, and the homepage elements. I spent days reviewing and collaborating with a designer and secretary [ how to ] best design the menu structure. (So I desigend many wireframes showing how the menu could be organized better.) Then I designed wireframes for the homepage and the internal pages. These wireframes definitely helped design the prototypes much easier because we had done our "homework" or UX Research. These important steps can not be skipped. Note, the cookbook company offered many kinds and cookbooks and services, so the menu creation was a challenge but in the end a success. (Menu stucture or flow or information architecture "IA" is a design and organization process I love). The result is a clean, modern website, with a very user-friendly experience. Customers would share they could find the section they were looking for on the website.

  • CookinupFunds - Website
  • CookinupFunds - Website
  • CookinupFunds - Website

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