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OmniView Mobile App
  • Date:
    Jun. 2017
  • Project:
    OmniView Mobile Application
  • Type:
    Custom Hybrid Mobile App, Ionic 3 Framework, PHP, Cordova
  • Design:
    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... can I help create a custom mobile app. Could I provide sketches or wireframes. And could I provide modular designs and code (HTML5, CSS3), for future versions of the app.

The Solution

The solution started with why the sales reps needed this app. So UX and UI design questions were on the creation table. I provided many wireframes to present possible design solutions. After team collaboration we moved forward to designing prototypes. I worked with two PHP developers. I designed rough and polished (low & high fidelity) prototypes. I helped managers and the team understand why 2 columns or why 3 columns and which icons were necessary in the footer area. The completed application was a professional custom mobile app, assisting salesmen and managers, providing streaming data. This data is very valuable for the customer and to this company (OmniMetrix.net).

  • OmniView Mobile App
  • OmniView Mobile App

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