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GA Dept of Revenue
  • Date:
    Jun. 2014
  • Link:
    GADOR Template
  • Type:
    HTML5, CSS3, Custom Responsive Template, Custom Menu
  • Design:
    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... could we convert an old .NET site to a Responsive site. I created several wireframes, and prototypes. And two prototypes were chosen for final review. I created 2-3 custom templates, from the chosen prototypes. This challenge was fun. It started with collaboration on whiteboards. Yes, we have raw, rough sketches or wireframes on the eraseboard.

The Solution

The solution started with wireframes for the homepage and internal pages. Note, I created many wireframes and then the manager over the project said can you create more examples, more wireframes. I designed more wireframes and we had more "critique sessions" and then once approved I designed prototypes. I created multiple HTML (clickable) prototypes. We had many brainstorming sessions with multiple manangers discussing wireframes, because we cared about our work and were thinking of the customers. We had to provide a much better user experience. The end result, was satisfied managers and customers that called in less than 50% of the time. So our call center was happy with fewer calls. They actually had time to do some professional training and assist in other projects.

  • GA Dept of Revenue - Template
  • GA Dept of Revenue - Template

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