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GA Dept of Revenue
  • Date:
    Jun. 2014
  • Link:
    GADOR site
  • Type:
    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, .NET, Custom Responsive Drupal Template, Custom Responsive Template for Apps
The Challenge

The story was... could we convert an old .NET site to a Responsive site, inside a Drupal CMS. This was extremely challenging, because of many departments and people involved. Could we live with less content or pages. Yes, but it was a challenge.

The Solution

The solution started with mock-ups for the homepage and internal pages. As the site developed, we came together, we taught secretaries and managers to create new pages in Drupal. It was exciting. The end results, were satisfied customers, and satisfied managers.

  • GA Dept of Revenue Website
  • GA Dept of Revenue Website
  • GA Dept of Revenue Website

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