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U of U Login
  • Date:
    Feb. 2018
  • Type:
    Wireframes, custom Prototypes
  • Design:
    UX Research, Multiple Wireframes and custom Prototypes
The Challenge

The story was... can I help create a custom login screens that are user friendly. Could I provide wireframes and prototypes. And could I provide usability testing on these login screens.

The Solution

The first example here is from the University of Utah Health. Some refer to this university as U of U. It now provides a portal for doctors on the state of UT and the surrounding 6 states to collaborate and share... documents, suggestions, advise and videos. It now provides invaluable information from doctors providing telehealth services.

Logins must have standard text sizes ie 12pt/px and space between Login and Register buttons for a good user experience. There should also be alerts that remind users to include a real email or special characters or specific length for passwords.

Projects Completed
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