Services:   Graphic Development & Web Development

Branding & Identities—
Branding is the personality of your company. We make sure that your logo defines your business. Identity and branding can take your business to the next level by helping it grow online. We can create your business cards and brochures too.

Web Design & User Interface—
We create attractive/ unique designs with the aim of wowing your visitors and keeping them intrigued. Every custom interface [website template] matches your branded logo and color scheme. Our designs are made with care and attention to detail. The web is a canvas of pixels to showcase, and inform your customers. Allow our GUI Designers develop your website idea, and our Developers will apply code to boost your e-commerce.

Web Development & Content Management Systems—
Whether your site is a small informative site or a large scale site with hundreds of pages, our Web Developers are game. With functionality and user interactivity in mind, we develop sites that customers say, "That was easy and simple to use." We can show you how to manage your site with CMS. And yes your secretary can make simple updates like change text, change an email, and include a new photo. [Our experts use WordPress (WP) or Adobe Contribute, for CMS.]

E-commerce website solutions are used to buy/sell products and services via the Internet. We will develop pages on your site to establish a great shopping experience for every customer. Every business wants repeat customers, and this only happens with an easy and simple user experience on your new e-commerce site.

SEO Website Solutions—
You can trust ClowardDesign to utilize only ethical "white-hat" SEO optimization techniques to boost your site, rise in the search engine rankings and attract more visitors. We will analyze your website with a ‘Keyword Analysis.’ Proper keywords/ keyword phrases [inserted properly] are necessary to help your site actually have search engine growth. We'll help you use your keywords in your social media and show you how-to-use "HASH TAGS." We'll help with link building also. Article Writing has become necessary to help ranks. This establishes good backlinks. DO NOT, purchase backlinks. You may buy backlinks, but be careful how many you post per week. Google may give black marks or slower SEO growth, because you post 1,000 articles [for example] in 1 week and the other 3 weeks of the month 25 articles. As you may notice it’s out-of-balance. Rule of thumb is slow, continual growth. Remember content is KING. Provide good content worth sharing.

WordPress Blog Installation—
WordPress WP Blog setup and installation. You can maintain your blog or website with WP. This helps for easy editing and management of your site. Easy additions for pages, menu options, galleries, and more. Social Media connectivity and SEO integration is also very easy to include.

Mobile Application Solutions—
Mobile Applications are increasingly popular for the mobile movement. Your mobile audience must be considered. [About 55% of U.S. companies have mobile apps. *25% of pharmacy transactions are made by mobile. *25% of searches for movies are made by mobile. *And *30% of searches for restaurants are made by mobile]. Let's face it, we are in a cell phone world. Who does not have a SmartPhone.

As a rule of thumb, our applications are adjusted for maximum compatibility with the iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones.


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